Thursday, June 27, 2013

Week 8 Share

Strawberries, 21 oz ($2.50)
Snow Peas, 8 oz ($4.00)
Cauliflower, 2.5 lbs ($7.47)
Collards, 0.5 lb ($0.65)
Chives, 1 bunch ($2.49)
Fresh Thyme Plant ($2.89)
Chicory, 4 oz ($0.60)
Red Leaf Lettuce, 4 oz ($0.50)
Kale, 0.5 lb ($0.85)
Broccoli, 2 lb ($1.98)
Green Cabbage, 2.75 lbs ($1.50)

Total share value = $25.45

Great to see the variety continuing to grow as the season goes on.  Snow peas, collards, endive and cabbage  all making their first appearance.  The snow peas are so fresh and sweet, already my daughter has put a dent in those!  Chicory is a new vegetable for me, a somewhat bitter tasting leafy green that should be good raw or cooked.  Lots to work with this week, and I'm behind on the week 7 share as well. I think I'll have to focus on finding recipes that use more than just one item to make sure nothing goes bad.

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