Monday, June 3, 2013

Grilled Asparagus

I could not let asparagus season go by without putting them on the grill.  This simple preparation like this is arguably one of the best ways to enjoy these tender spears.  Grilling gives the best flavor, but roasting in the oven is a good alternative when the weather isn't cooperating.

Last night the asparagus from week 4's share went on the grill to serve as a side to some marinated grilled chicken kabobs. I used a plain preparation, which I've written out below along with two of my other favorite ways to prepare them.

As easy as it gets.  Trim, wash and toss on the grill over medium high heat.  This is all about letting the asparagus flavor shine, so cook them only long enough to get some good grill marks, 5 minutes or so, turning once. Serve immediately with a pinch as salt if desired.

Olive Oil & Herbs
Trim and wash the asparagus, then toss with olive oil, chopped fresh thyme, salt and pepper. Cook as directed above.  I love the fragrance and flavor that thyme adds, but just about any herb could work here.  Just use your imagination!

Butter and Garlic
Melt unsalted butter (1 tbs per pound of asparagus) and mix with crushed garlic.  Toss with the asparagus to coat then season with salt and pepper.  The butter will cool and stick to the asparagus, trapping the garlic against it.  I recommend this preparation only with the grill because it allows most of the butter to run off as the asparagus cooks.  Doing this on a sheet pan in the oven will result in your asparagus sitting in a pool of butter.

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