Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Week 5 Share

Asparagus, 1 lb ($2.99)                                          Swiss Chard, 1 bunch, ($2.99)
Bok Choy, 1.75 lb, ($1.64)                                      Kale, 1.25 lb, ($2.11)
Red Leaf Lettuce, 0.5 lb, ($0.75)                            Scallion, 1 bunch, ($0.66)
Parsley, 1 bunch, ($0.99)                                        Strawberries, 1.5 lb, ($4.56)
Fresh Dill Plant ($2.49)                                           Kohlrabi, 1 lb, ($3.99)

Total Share Value = $23.17

Kohlrabi??  Here I have my first CSA WTF moment.  I have never cooked with, or even heard of kohlrabi. To the internet!

The name is German, meaning "cabbage turnip" which, I suppose is kind of what it looks like.  Kohlrabi grows above ground and is in the same vegetable family as cauliflower, broccoli and kale, and  is quite nutrient rich.  Both the bulb and the leaves are edible, so I'll have to come up with some way to use them both.  I should note that the $3.99 price I gave it was a bit of a guess based on what I found online.  Not a big surprise that my local supermarket doesn't sell them.

Swiss chard is another new one for me.  I pass by it all the time at the grocery store, but have never cooked it.  Very exciting to have two vegetables that are new to me to play with this week!

Finally, a quick status update on the Week 4 share.  You'll recall I received two very large bunches of lettuce (red leaf and romaine) and using them up in ways other than salads has proven to be quite a challenge.  Only some of the romaine is left (full disclosure; I did give away half of the red leaf), but I've got some ideas on non-salad ways to use it.  Luckily it is holding up quite well in the fridge.

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Elizabeth said...

Try Kohlrabi home fries :)

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