Sunday, June 16, 2013

Classic Cesar Salad

With one or two heads of lettuce in every share so far, salads show up on our table nearly every night.  Tonight, with a big bunch of Romaine needing a home, a classic Cesar salad seemed in order.  We rarely use store bought dressing, opting instead to use simple oil and vinegar mixtures, so of course the Cesar dressing would need to be homemade as well.

I followed Bon Appetit's version of the classic recipe with one change in that I replaced the egg yokes with mayonnaise (so my pregnant wife could eat it), using 1 tablespoon per yolk. I made only half a recipe, which was more than enough for a big two-person portion.  For those who are a bit nervous about anchovies, they do not make the dressing taste fishy, but instead add a real depth of salty flavor that makes it a true Cesar.  

Share contents used:
Romaine lettuce

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