Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Week 1 Share

Here's a picture of the contents of the week 1 share with details listed below along with the how much they would have cost at my local supermarket in parenthesis.

Cilantro, 2 bunches ($0.99 ea)
Red Leaf Lettuce, 1 bunch ($1.79)
1/2 lb Greenhouse Tomato ($1.50)
Scallions, 2 bunches ($0.50 ea)
1 lb Asparagus ($2.49)
6 oz Spinach ($1.50)
Radishes, 1 bunch ($0.99)
4 lb Leeks ($2.99)
1 Fresh Mint Plant ($2.49)
1 lb local honey ($5.49)

Total share value = $22.22

I was pleasantly surprised by the honey, having expected only produce.  The live mint plant is a nice touch as well.

After I unpacked the box, my first thought was "uh oh, cilantro".  We are not cilantro fans in this house and here I have two bunches!  So now I will add one loophole to my rule about using everything and give myself the out of giving items away to friends who can make better use of them.  The cilantro will be the first through my new loophole!



Kurt Kochey said...

That 1 Lb of honey can come in handy when brewing beer...

Benjamin Aitken said...

Good point! I was actually planning to brew a brown ale this weekend...maybe a honey brown now...

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