Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Week 11 Share

Zucchini, 4 lb 7 oz ($5.80)
Jalapeños, 4 oz ($0.50)
Pickling cucumbers, 13 oz ($1.61)
Snow peas, 9 oz ($1.68)
Red leaf lettuce, 4 oz ($0.37)
Romaine lettuce, 1 lb ($0.99)
Corn, 4 ears ($1.32)
Onions, 1 lb 8 oz ($1.33)
Sage plant ($2.99)
Blueberries, 2 pt ($5.00)
Carrots, 1 bunch ($2.00)

Total share value = $23.59

So it seems that the annual zucchini invasion has begun.  This week's share included bonus zucchinis, so clearly the farm has plenty to spare.  I'm very excited to see the pickling cucumbers and will definitely be making pickles, especially after the success I had with the rakkyo back in May. I bought some really great fresh pickles at the local farmers market a couple weeks ago and will probably try to duplicate them. I also love the little carrots we got.  I've always been a fan of more unique varieties of carrots such as these little yellow beauties. They caught the eye of my daughter as well, so I'm guessing that you will not see these in a recipe as there is no way I'll deny a 3 year old that is asking to eat them raw.

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